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Arsenic in PDB, part 3 (101-150), PDB files 1tql - 2hmh

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Arsenic (As) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Arsenic atoms.
PDB files 101-150 (1tql - 2hmh):
  1. 1tql - Poliovirus Polymerase G1A Mutant
  2. 1tr7 - Fimh Adhesin Receptor Binding Domain From Uropathogenic E. Coli
  3. 1tye - Structural Basis For Allostery in Integrins and Binding of Ligand- Mimetic Therapeutics to the Platelet Receptor For Fibrinogen
  4. 1tza - X-Ray Structure of Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium Target SOR45
  5. 1vhd - Crystal Structure of An Iron Containing Alcohol Dehydrogenase
  6. 1vho - Crystal Structure of A Putative Peptidase/Endoglucanase
  7. 1w0y - TF7A_3771 Complex
  8. 1w2k - TF7A_4380 Complex
  9. 1wck - Crystal Structure Of The C-Terminal Domain Of Bcla, The Major Antigen Of The Exosporium of the Bacillus Anthracis Spore.
  10. 1wmb - Crystal Structure of Nad Dependent D-3-Hydroxybutylate Dehydrogenase
  11. 1wn5 - Crystal Structure of Blasticidin S Deaminase (Bsd) Complexed With Cacodylic Acid
  12. 1wn6 - Crystal Structure Of Blasticidin S Deaminase (Bsd) Complexed With Tetrahedral Intermediate of Blasticidin S
  13. 1wy2 - Crystal Structure of the Prolidase From Pyrococcus Horikoshii OT3
  14. 1x1t - Crystal Structure of D-3-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase From Pseudomonas Fragi Complexed With Nad+
  15. 1xsl - Crystal Structure of Human Dna Polymerase Lambda in Complex With A One Nucleotide Dna Gap
  16. 1xzx - Thyroxine-Thyroid Hormone Receptor Interactions
  17. 1y0r - Crystal Structure of the Tetrahedral Aminopeptidase From P. Horikoshii
  18. 1y0x - Thyroxine-Thyroid Hormone Receptor Interactions
  19. 1y9a - Alcohol Dehydrogenase From Entamoeba Histolotica in Complex With Cacodylate
  20. 1yhc - Crystal Structure of Aquifex Aeolicus Lpxc Deacetylase Complexed With Cacodylate
  21. 1z6b - Crystal Structure of Plasmodium Falciparum Fabz At 2.1 A
  22. 1zv8 - A Structure-Based Mechanism of Sars Virus Membrane Fusion
  23. 1zzs - Bovine Enos N368D Single Mutant With L-N(Omega)-Nitroarginine-(4R)- Amino-L-Proline Amide Bound
  24. 1zzt - Bovine Enos N368D/V106M Double Mutant With L-N(Omega)- Nitroarginine-(4R)-Amino-L-Proline Amide Bound
  25. 2a2t - Crystal Structure of D(Aaatattt)
  26. 2acr - An Anion Binding Site in Human Aldose Reductase: Mechanistic Implications For the Binding of Citrate, Cacodylate, and Glucose-6- Phosphate
  27. 2aei - Crystal Structure Of A Ternary Complex of Factor Viia/Tissue Factor and 2-[[6-[3-(Aminoiminomethyl)Phenoxy]-3,5-Difluro-4-[(1-Methyl-3- Phenylpropyl)Amino]-2-Pyridinyl]Oxy]-Benzoic Acid
  28. 2avj - G4(Br)UTTG4 Dimeric Quadruplex
  29. 2b0p - Truncated S. Aureus Lytm, P212121 Crystal Form
  30. 2bo2 - Egf Domains 1,2,5 of Human EMR2, A 7-Tm Immune System Molecule, in Complex With Calcium.
  31. 2boc - Potassium Channel Kcsa-Fab Complex in Thallium With Tetraethylarsonium (Teas)
  32. 2boq - Crystal Structure of Versatile Peroxidase
  33. 2bou - Egf Domains 1,2,5 of Human EMR2, A 7-Tm Immune System Molecule, in Complex With Barium.
  34. 2box - Egf Domains 1,2,5 of Human EMR2, A 7-Tm Immune System Molecule, in Complex With Strontium.
  35. 2bvt - The Structure Of A Modular Endo-Beta-1,4-Mannanase From Cellulomonas Fimi Explains the Product Specificity of Glycoside Hydrolase Family 26 Mannanases.
  36. 2bvy - The Structure and Characterization of A Modular Endo-Beta-1,4-Mannanase From Cellulomonas Fimi
  37. 2c7v - Structure of Trypanosoma Brucei Pteridine Reductase (PTR1) in Ternary Complex With Cofactor and the Antifolate Methotrexate
  38. 2cjw - Crystal Structure of the Small Gtpase Gem (Gemdndcam) in Complex to Mg.Gdp
  39. 2d28 - Structure Of the N-Terminal Domain of Xpse (Crystal Form P43212)
  40. 2dyb - The Crystal Structure of Human P40(Phox)
  41. 2e11 - The Crystal Structure of XC1258 From Xanthomonas Campestris: A Cn- Hydrolase Superfamily Protein With An Arsenic Adduct in the Active Site
  42. 2fau - Crystal Structure of Human VPS26
  43. 2g6o - Structure of Bovine Enos Heme Domain (BH4-Free) Complexed With Co
  44. 2gbm - Crystal Structure Of the 35-36 8 Glycine Insertion Mutant of Ubiquitin
  45. 2gwn - The Structure of Putative Dihydroorotase From Porphyromonas Gingivalis.
  46. 2gws - Crystal Structure of Human Dna Polymerase Lambda With A G/G Mismatch in the Primer Terminus
  47. 2h5k - Crystal Structure of Complex Between the Domain-Swapped Dimeric GRB2 SH2 Domain and Shc-Derived Ligand, Ac-Nh-Ptyr-Val-Asn-NH2
  48. 2h77 - Crystal Structure of Human Tr Alpha Bound T3 in Monoclinic Space Group
  49. 2h79 - Crystal Structure of Human Tr Alpha Bound T3 in Orthorhombic Space Group
  50. 2hmh - Crystal Structure of SOCS3 in Complex With GP130(PTYR757) Phosphopeptide.


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