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Arsenic Monosulphatotrioxide, As2O3.SO3

Arsenic Monosulphatotrioxide, As2O3.SO3, sometimes called arsenyl sulphate, (AsO)2SO4, is obtained by dissolving arsenious oxide in warm concentrated sulphuric acid, the concentration of which should be between H2SO4.H2O and 9H2SO4.2H2O, and evaporating until sulphur trioxide is no longer expelled. On cooling, tabular crystals separate, which in air become moist and form sulphuric acid and arsenious oxide. This compound is somewhat more stable than those with higher sulphur trioxide content and, on gently heating, some volatilisation without decomposition occurs; at 225° C. it begins to lose sulphur trioxide; finally, on heating, fused arsenious oxide remains. From sulphuric acid of weaker concentration than H2SO4.H2O, no sulphato-compound can be obtained.

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