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Arsenic in the structure of TF7A_3771 Complex (pdb 1w0y)

The binding sites of Arsenic atom in the structure of TF7A_3771 Complex (pdb code 1w0y). This binding sites where shown with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Arsenic atom.
The 1w0y structure was solved by D.W.BANNER, A.D'ARCY, K.GROEBKE-ZBINDEN, J.ACKERMANN, D.KIRCHHOFER, Y.-H.JI, T.B.TSCHOPP, S.WALLBAUM, L.WEBER, with X-Ray Crystallography technique, brief refinement statistics is given in the table below:
Resolution (A)20.0-2.5
Space groupP212121
a (A)71.338
b (A)82.378
c (A)123.963
alpha (°)90.00
beta (°)90.00
gamma (°)90.00
Rfactor (%)n/a
Rfree (%)n/a

Arsenic Binding Sites:

Arsenic binding site 1 out of 1 in 1w0y

Arsenic binding site 1 out of 1 in 1w0y
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stereopicture of Arsenic binding site 1 out of 1 in 1w0y
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Mono- and Stereo- picture of 5.0 Angstrom coordination sphere 1 of Arsenic in the PDB 1w0y. Coordination sphere was calculated for all residues within 5.0 Angstroms distance from the central Arsenic atom, shown by VdW sphere
Residues shown as a stick model or VDW spheres: H: Cys168, H: Ser170B, H: Ile176, H: Trp215, H: His224, H: Phe225, H: Val227, H: Cac1260, H: Hoh2161,

conact list:

AtomAtomDistance (A)
AsSG H:Cys1684.82
AsCB H:Ser170B4.42
AsOG H:Ser170B4.09
AsCD1 H:Ile1764.75
AsCZ3 H:Trp2154.96
AsCH2 H:Trp2154.99
AsCB H:His2244.43
AsND1 H:His2243.91
AsCE1 H:His2244.95
AsCG H:His2244.64
AsCA H:His2244.63
AsO H:Phe2254.21
AsN H:Phe2254.28
AsCG2 H:Val2274.76
AsO1 H:Cac12601.63
AsO2 H:Cac12601.60
AsAS H:Cac12600.00
AsC2 H:Cac12601.91
AsC1 H:Cac12601.92
AsO H:Hoh21614.07

interactive model:

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