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Strontium Arsenites

An impure strontium orthoarsenite, containing more strontium than corresponds to the formula Sr3(NaO3)2, has been obtained as a white flocculent precipitate by treating strontium chloride solution with potassium orthoarsenite in the cold. If the precipitate is dissolved in a dilute solution of acetic acid, on evaporation strontium hydrogen orthoarsenite, SrHNaO3.H2O, is obtained.

Strontium Pyroarsenite, Sr2As2O5

Strontium Pyroarsenite, Sr2As2O5.2H2O, may be prepared by adding an aqueous arsenious acid solution to strontium chloride dissolved in alcohol. The solution is filtered after standing for a time, and the white flocculent precipitate is dried at 100° C. It is easily soluble in water and in acids.

Strontium Metarsenite, Sr(AsO2)2

Strontium Metarsenite, Sr(AsO2)2.4H2O, may be obtained by the action of ammonium arsenite on a solution of a strontium salt. The precipitation is increased by the addition of alcohol, since the arsenite is fairly soluble in water. When dried at 100° C. it has the composition Sr(AsO2)2.3H2O. At higher temperatures it decomposes to form strontium oxide, arsenious oxide and a little arsenic. Stavenhagen was unable to obtain the metarsenite in a pure state.

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