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Thallium Arsenates

Thallous Orthoarsenate, Tl3AsO4

Thallous Orthoarsenate, Tl3AsO4, has been obtained by the action of ammonia on a solution of the dihydrogen salt. It separates as white silky needles.

Thallous Monohydrogen Orthoarsenate, Tl2HAsO4

Thallous Monohydrogen Orthoarsenate, Tl2HAsO4, has been prepared by dissolving thallium in aqueous arsenic acid, or by saturating a boiling solution of the latter with thallous carbonate. It separates on cooling as long transparent needle-shaped crystals, soluble in water. When heated, the salt melts at 120° C. and at a higher temperature decomposes to form thallous oxide and arsenious oxide. Thallous dihydrogen orthoarsenate, TlH2AsO4, is formed by boiling thallic oxide in aqueous arsenious acid; on cooling the solution colourless glittering needle-shaped crystals separate. The salt is readily soluble in water and may be heated to 150° C. without decomposition.

Thallic Orthoarsenate, TlAsO4

Thallic Orthoarsenate, TlAsO4.2H2O, separates as a lemon-yellow gelatinous mass when aqueous arsenic acid is added to a solution of thallic nitrate. It is insoluble in boiling water, readily soluble in hydrochloric acid and decomposed by aqueous alkali or ammonia with formation of thallic hydroxide or a basic salt.

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